Topic outline

  • Careers Folder Setup

    Go to your home drive "H:/" on the school netowrk and create a folder called "Year 10 careers". During this year when your careers teacher tells you to safe your work you must save your careers work in this folder. All units for careers will be completed online or on your computer.

    Also your teacher will show you the location of the dropbox for submission of Work. This is divided into learning groups.

    If you submit a piece of work, ask your teacher which folder he or she wishes you to submit it too.

    Ensure you are in the correct class first as the folder is split into learning groups

  • Getting a TFN (Tax File Number)

    Download the following word document and follow the instructions!

  • Part 1: Know thy self

    This section is used to help you discover what you may want to be or a direction for you to follow!


    Go to the Link below called "the Big 5 personality test".

    Download the sheet below called "your results for the big 5 personality test"

    Take the test and record your results from the test on the worksheets. 

    Have a chat to the person next you regarding each others results



    Once you have completed the Big 5 personality Test.

    Go to the link labelled "BUZZFEED Personality and Career Test" 

    Complete the test and enjoy the answer. Add the result to the worksheet "your results for the big 5 personality test". Complete the rest of the worksheet.

    Personality tests

    Download the link below called Personality tests. 

    It contains 5 different tests for you to complete. There is also an anser sheet inside the folder you can acess once it is downloaded.

    You may be surprised by the answers!!!


  • Part 2: Introduction to Careers that may interest you


    In this lesson we are going to look at some particular career paths that you may wish to pursue in the future. 

    Finding yuor career path:

    1. Go to and complete the career path quiz (link is below call "Career Quiz (job outlook)

    2. When you get your results follow the links and pick 3 professions you may be interested in and have a read about it.

    Open the word document named "Wirl - Careers Quiz"  document on your computer and pick 3 of the profession's  and complete the worksheet.

    3. Go to (link below called  "WIRL Homepage" 

    4. once on the WIRL page login into the Careers quiz.

               Username : mtstpat

               Password: giant67

    complete the Careers quiz. Once you have recieved your results look through some of the possible careers and complete the worksheet below call "WIRL - My Career Quiz". You are too pick three possible careers and complete the worksheet and save in your H drive


  • Part 3: Planning the Future

    At this point in time you should have discovered some jobs or career paths that interest you. 

    What we are going to do now is plan how your going to get there. 

    First of all download the sheet named "My Future" from the links below.

    Begin to fill thi shett out. You will be required to fill the sheet out using the internet. 

    Use search engines such as google but look at particular wensites related to your future goal. For example if you were intending on attending University use particular University wensites to source you answers. You can also use the WIRL website to help you plan your future. 

  • Part 4: Picking subjects

    Today we are going to look at subjects for Year 11.

    1.1 open a word document and name it "my subject choices" and save it in the H drive of the network under careers then go the website "" (link below) - Password - mspc

    1.2 School is Mt St Patrick College, use your school email account and fill in all relevant information.

    2. Click on "Find My Career" and take the quiz. 

    3. Once finished have a look at the careers and go through to the degree or post school study and find any recommended studies or pre-requisuists for your chosen course.

    4. Paste any University courses or TAFE or post school study information on the word document you created. 

    5. Once you have selected some potential post school study or directions click on the document below called "senior handbook" and go through and have a look at the subjects on offer at MSPC. Add a list of potential/required subjects to your word document under a sub title of "school subjects"

    Show your teacher and discuss any questions and your choices

  • Part 5: Senior Subject Selection

    This is to help you pick subjects for years 11 and 12

    Go to and click on "For Students" in the top right hand corner. Then click on student secure area. You will then have to register with the website. It is most likely the best idea that you use your student email for this website. 

    Once logged into the student area, down the left hand side there is a a series of selections. You can click on "Careers Lesson". You are then going to complete "Senior Study Options". 

    Your teacher will also have this as a hard copy if you want it.

    This will be very handy to bring with you to the interview you will be having with a Teacher regarding your subject selections.

    Once you have finished the sheet have a look around the website. 

    Note: you can use other tools like "" to help you answer the sheet

  • Pay, Budgeting and Tax Calculators

  • Lesson 15 - 20



    Go to MSPC Moodle/General/Careers/All my own work and complete the modules. You have a total of 5 lessons at school to do this. if you do not complete this in the allocated class time you must complete in your own time. Once you complete each module the online take a screen shot of the completed course certificate/completion screen and place in the drop box in your particular class and module (assignment/dropbox/careers/ALL MY OWN WORK - 2015 - Screen shots - (Save as - Firstname_Lastname)). Ensure you title your screen shot using your last name then first name. For example for a student named Barry Smith use - Barry_Smith.

    Mr Lynch will be checking that you have completed "All my own work" before the end of term 4. If you have not you will be in jeopardy of starting the Preliminary HSC courses.